The Advantages of an Apartment Locator Service

If you are looking to move to a new apartment, don’t do it the old-fashioned way. Instead, do it the smart way: go with an apartment locator service. Apartment locator services have completely revolutionized the way we search for apartments. By taking all of your needs and desires into consideration, the locator service runs your requirements through enormous real estate databases and spits out the apartments that best meet your standards. These services are free and take just a few seconds.

10 Great Reasons You Should Use an Apartment Locator Service

Here’s a list of reasons why smart apartment-hunters are all using apartment locator services to save themselves time, money and a whole lot of hassle:

  • Free to Use. As mentioned above, apartment locator services are 100% free to use, making them a more financially sound tool as compared to a real estate agent. There are no hidden fees, no percentages, no tricks or gimmicks. Moving to a new apartment can be very costly so cutting corners and costs wherever you can is a very good idea.
  • Best Listings Available. Apartment locators have extensive databases meaning that you will have instant access to the best listings out there. Why take a chance when you find a place that seems okay when you could be missing out on your dream apartment simply because you didn’t know it was out there?
  • Newest Listings. Apartment locator services also have access to the latest listings to hit the market. The second these apartments become available, the first person to know about it will be you, provided you use a locator service.
  • Exclusive Listings. Many apartment locator services have exclusive rights to apartment listings that no one else has, meaning that you won’t be able to find out about these locations anywhere else. It’s like having an inside track on the hottest apartments out there, allowing you to get the best deals no matter what.
  • Don’t Have to Drive Around. Relocating from another city or state can be very expensive, especially if you have to come visit the place you wish to move first and drive around. Even then, you likely won’t know all of the hottest locations for apartments so you will only find what you stumble upon. Eliminate the cost and hassle of driving around a city you have no clue about by using an apartment locator service.
  • No Need to Search the Internet. Manually searching the internet won’t necessarily get you the best deals or prime locations for apartments. Instead, it will net you the locations that owners have spent money on marketing their apartments—money that could be better spent reinvesting in making the apartment nicer. Don’t get fooled by the top marketing ploys—they don’t necessarily translate into a better deal or nicer apartment.
  • Search Entire Cities with One Click. Don’t just do a section by section search of the city, town or state you are moving into. Instead, kill all the birds with one stone and use an apartment locator service to get you all the listings you need at once. While you are searching smaller areas, your dream apartment could be rented away to someone else. Don’t waste one second of your valuable time and search the entire area for apartments at once.
  • Set Your Own Parameters. The old way of looking for apartments meant you receiving a list of the amenities, floor plans, prices, etc., that they had available. You would search blindly for these, gathering tons of useless data from listings that don’t even come close to satisfying your needs. Instead, why not just tell the apartment locator service exactly what you are looking for by setting your own search parameters—this means you will only get the results that you want, not useless data that wastes your time and energy.
  • Instantly Compare Listings Side by Side. There are hundreds, thousands, even millions of apartments out there depending on where you look. Why spend a ton of time gathering data on them all and then trying to sift through mountains of information to compare them? Instead, instantly compare them side by side with your apartment locator service listing results. This makes it easier than ever to find the exact right apartment for you.
  • Get Moving Assistance Coupons and Rebates. Finally, many apartment locator services will be able to offer you discounts and rebates when you decide on an apartment they found you. This is due to their unique relationship with rental agencies, meaning you not only get a free service, but you also save money as well.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using an apartment locator service and absolutely no downside because they are 100% obligation free. You simply use it and do what you will with the information, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.