Best Home Builders in Michigan

Michigan, a state in the Great Lakes and Midwestern regions of United States is the eighth largest state of the country. Breathtaking landscapes, urban escapes, a wealth of festivals and events make up this beautiful state. Full of beautiful lakes and peninsulas, Michigan has the 10th highest population in USA. With such a booming population and the seat of the US auto industry located at Detroit, it is no surprise that locals are always searching for the best home builders in Michigan to give shape to their dream homes.

If this is what you are looking for then you have come to the right place. Your savings for your dream home won’t go waste and you can browse the top home builders in Michigan. 

It is very important for you to have the right home developer the very first time as this isn’t an area where restarting fresh is possible. We understand that building a home involves money and time, and this is something that cannot be replaced. It’s more than just a structure for you – it’s your heaven.

So, we have taken the pain of compiling this list of the best home builders in Michigan. Our list comes in handy for local Michigan’s to the ones who are new to the state. This list is a compilation of ardent research and constant evaluation based on feedback.

So, rest assured, you can move ahead with any builder on the list as they have earned their spot here. All that remains now is for you to interact with them and find someone that matches your style and personality. This is an area you need to be sure of as the choice of your home builder will remain the same from start to finish.

BDR Custom Homes:

The first name on the list has already built more than 300 homes for families since 1987. A highly respect and admired firm in the residential and waterfront construction markets, BDR Custom Homes has gone on to bag numerous “Home of the Year” awards.

BDR Custom Homes

 Engelsma Homes, LLC:

The next name on our list of best home builders in Michigan is based in the Grand Rapids Area. Engelsma Homes is a local owned family business with more than 20 years of experience in building custom homes. This firm is reputed for using superior craftsmanship and the high-quality products that go in the building of their homes.

Engelsma homes

Steve Visser Builder:

Steve Visser is a 3rd generation builder, a licensed realtor, and a developer with more than 30 years of experience in the home building industry. He aims at providing quality custom homes at cheap prices that matches every lifestyle. Steve Visser also aids in selling an old home as a realtor, thus, if you are looking to let go of your old home and planning for a new one, Steve Visser Builder is the one that you should opt for.

R.A. Designs:

A team of licensed residential builders and national award-winning designers, R.A. Designs specializes in providing residential building services and assisting home buyers in space planning.

David G. Schertzing Builders:

This firm assists home buyers in creating energy-efficient and quality homes at an affordable price. They have been serving homeowners since 1975 as a finishing carpenter. In 1982 they started assisting clients as a home builder for first-time buyers. David G. Schertzing Builders has been serving the residents of the Greater Mid-Michigan area for the past 35 years.

David G. Schertzing Builders

Dave Visser Builder:

A member of the Greater Grand Rapids Home Builders Association, Dave Visser Builder’s has been participating in the Parade of Homes since 1992. They are involved in every aspect of the construction process, from helping clients design a plan to guiding them through the whole process of seeing their dreams turn into a reality.

Dave Visser Homes

Steve Way Builders, LLC:

Next on the list of best home builders in Michigan is a team of remodeling experts who assist clients with contracting services for home improvement and remodeling. Functioning since 1977, the firm serves buyers in Lansing and other surrounding areas. They offer bathroom and kitchen renovations along with window, siding, and roof replacement.

Mulder Homes:

Founded by Thomas B. Mulder, they are one of the oldest home builders in the state of Michigan. They are known for their distinctive homes of the highest quality. Homes designed by Mulder Homes are a combination of timeless design and state-of-the-art technologies.

Michigan Home Builders:

Michigan Home Builders consists a team of experienced engineers and architects. They continuously evaluate innovative approaches to design in a practical manner. Their claim to fame is of building beautiful homes and communities with the best products and unique designs.

The above list consists of the top home builders in Michigan. You can approach either of them to design your dream home and you won’t be let down. With dedicated professionals working round the clock, they strive to turn your dream home into a reality.